Megaman 9

So I got Megaman 9 last week for wii. Almost a week after getting it, I have yet to beat it. Its probably one of the hardest Megaman games I've played so far. Its chock full of spikes, holes, disapearing platforms, and stupid elephants. By the end of your first session you'll be trained to immediately hold a direction when falling so you don't get impaled by spilkes. No matter how long you play though, random stuff will still knock you mid jump down a hole and send you back to the beginning of the level.

Now they did put some stuff into the game to make it easier. You collect bolts as you go which you can spend at a shop between stages for things like lives, E tanks, and get out of spike through the chest free cards. But one of the 50 challenges is to collect 999 bolts, so I have yet to spend a single bolt on any of these nice items.

Wiley stage 1 sucks by the way, magma pipes with no break in the streams to the ladder at the top really do put a hold on getting anywhere.